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At FacilityDude, we want to help ensure your department is recognized for your hard work. If others in your organization don’t understand how much effort it takes to keep your department running, then they have a hard time grasping your true staff and budget needs. With deferred maintenance a compounding problem for governments, it’s critical for you to have the proper resources and people to get the job done. Our goal is to help show how valuable you and your work are to the organization and the impact you have on your community.

Whether you’re in Facilities, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, a Library or Criminal Justice Facility, our suite of online tools are flexible enough to fit your needs. Our software is easy to use, affordable and scalable so governments of all shapes and sizes can use it. You can compile daily work requests, schedule routine maintenance or inspections, and create a more cooperative work environment to better connect employees and citizens. Having all of your information in a central, easily accessible location means institutional knowledge can be shared effortlessly.

Between our experience helping hundreds of governments get started and our government-specific account settings, we provide a quick and painless implementation so you can focus on the important stuff!


Compile daily work requests and routine maintenance schedules in a centralized location to improve efficiency and create a more collaborative work environment.


Improve interactions to optimize daily work flow procedures and increase productivity, accountability and transparency.


Streamline work flow process so that thorough information is collected, work can be completed efficiently, and no issues are overlooked


Demonstrate performance to justify staff, budgets and resources needed to complete work and provide a high level of service, as well as have necessary data to make well-informed decisions.

Did you know?

FacilityDude is a proud Executive Level Strategic Partner of ICMA

Solutions for government


Online CMMS and Facility Management Platforms to manage your facility with centralized requests, automated maintenance workflow, and simple reporting to protect your assets and create long range plans.


Track utility costs and consumption with online energy management software to improve building energy efficiency lower energy bills.

Facility Usage

Efficiently book facility space as needed while streamlining the facility scheduling process and coordinating facility usage automatically.

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