Facility Dude

Our Team is Ready to Tackle Your Project

Unlike other CMMS providers, our support policy is straightforward and totally transparent. All FacilityDude clients receive unlimited training and support at no additional cost. We don't sneak in any catches, hidden fees, or fine print.

If you do need a little extra help, you can always check out the other services that we offer. Either way, our award-winning team of Technical Support Analysts is ready to help you get the most out of your investment.

Technical Support

Technical support is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time by phone, email or live chat. The phone is answered by a live person and 98% of emails are answered within 1 hour.

Onsite Training

Let FacilityDude help train your staff in person! We can send a highly skilled Dude or Dudette to give your people hands-on training. Call or email to inquire about daily rates.

Data Imports

Do you need help moving data from your old system? FacilityDude can help! We have assisted dozens of clients move data from their old desktop/client-server systems to our web-based platform. Talk with our Special Operations team about the information you would like to migrate.

Common Examples:

  • Equipment data
  • Employee data
  • Facility information
  • Utility information
  • Inventory items

Project Management

Project Management is a great solution for clients purchasing multiple applications that affect various trades or departments. Our skilled Project Managers conduct thorough planning sessions that set realistic milestones and develop strategies for success. By coordinating these efforts you improve efficiency, communications, and accountability while accelerating the implementation timeline.

Utility Bill Automation Service

Acquiring accurate, complete and timely utility data is often a challenge for our clients. To ensure you have automated access to reliable, high-quality utility data, FacilityDude can help automate the collection, normalization and delivery of data from more than 800 utility providers across North America.


Questions? Contact Client Services

Phone: 1-877-655-DUDE (3833) or Email: support@facilitydude.com