Facility Dude

Many people ask who “The Dude” actually is. 

The Dude Is it the CEO? The guy who modeled for our logo? One of the founders’ dads? Let us try to explain…

He started as an idea: the novel notion that once upon a time, a facility operations professional needed information and technology resources that weren’t readily available. To find them, the professional asked peers, searched the Internet, talked to experts, researched technology, and took some downtime to think about the solution to a problem — just like any good facility operations professional would.

The Dude is still very young — in fact, he was born March 1, 2000. But he’s quickly growing up! He could be you — or your dad — or your mentor in technology, facility or business operations management. The Dude could be your state organization’s leader, or a co-worker or peer facility operations or maintenance professional.

So, who is the Dude? He's the collective knowledge embodied in you, our FacilityDude clients! Clients are more than just dudes or dudettes — our clients are part of the FacilityDude team, and The Dude is your mascot: a symbol of the collection of experiences and knowledge you have gained in facility operations. A symbol of sharing that knowledge with those who will follow you. The symbol of keeping the faith, staying the course, and never, never quitting.

YOU make the FacilityDude team the success that it is; we, the staff at FacilityDude are simply here to serve you. Enjoy!

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