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4 simple tips to keep your HVAC alive this summer

By Payton Craddock, E.I.
Jul 11, 2014

Facilities Management, Energy Management, Asset Management

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Keeping in mind the summer heat that forces HVAC systems to work over time, and the fact that FacilityDude clients spent $8.5 million on their HVAC maintenance last year, Tower Engineering Professionals wanted to lend a helping hand.

Here are four quick and dirty tips you can do today to help your HVAC make it through the summer:

  1. Have your HVAC tuned up by a professional at the beginning of each season. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s important to have this done by a professional, some parts can be easily damaged if cleaned improperly. You may actually make it worse while trying to make it better. 
  2. Replace your air filters regularly. This is the simplest and easiest preventive maintenance task that you can do. A clean filter helps to keep the internal parts of the system clean and prevents breakdowns.
  3. Find a comfortable temperature for the thermostat and leave it alone; constantly changing the thermostat throughout the day is incredibly inefficient. However, adjusting the thermostat a couple of degrees when the building is unoccupied can save on the energy bill.
  4. Shade the windows. Weather you choose blinds, curtains, or planting trees outside to block the sun—it is important to do so. Anything to keep the windows away from direct sunlight will relieve stress on your system.

Payton Craddock, E.I. and Project Manager at Tower Engineering Professionals, specializes in plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems for commercial buildings. Retrofitting existing systems to meet new needs or designing complete systems for new buildings.

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