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6 ways you know you’re ready for a CMMS

By Kate Donnelly
Jan 09, 2015

Facilities Management

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When you know, you know.

1. You have developed a severe hatred for sticky notes.

sticky note

Sticky notes are no place for a work order request.

2. If someone accidentally erased your whiteboard, all would be lost.


All of the work orders... gone. Just like that.

3. Massive spreadsheets are no longer your friend.


Sorry, spreadsheet. It was never going to work.

4. You are afraid to check your voicemail.


So. Many. Requests.

5. Your inbox is full of emergency work orders.



6. Your inbox is also full of the same requests, over and over and over and over. And over.


The light in Hallway A is out. Hallway A has a light out. Can we replace the light in Hallway A? EMERGENCY: I can’t see in Hallway A because there is a light out, come quick!


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