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A Productivity Booster for Local Government Maintenance Workers

By Emma Finch
Sep 06, 2012

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Facilities Net recently posted a roundtable discussion of three maintenance managers discussing the importance of worker productivity and strategies to boost it. The article, “Managers Discuss Strategies That Boost Productivity,” states that above all else, worker productivity can be the biggest challenge for managers. The article discusses steps these managers have taken to increase productivity—what’s worked and what hasn’t. They also chat about ways they measure and monitor their teams’ productivity and what role technology plays in all this.

Performance Meter Icon Many local governments are already in a situation where they have to try to do more with less. Worrying about how to monitor and increase the facility team’s productivity adds to a manager’s stress. A system like FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge can help! With MaintenanceEdge, communication is streamlined so work orders can be automatically assigned to the correct employee, eliminating the hassle of trying to manually distribute jobs. Technicians can receive and update work orders on their mobile device, so less time is wasted trying to communicate progress on work and find out new assignments. Automatic email updates to requestors and managers means everyone stays in the loop. No more wondering about who is taking care of what. This equals more accountability for technicians and more transparency for managers.

In addition, information is well-documented and stored in a single database which is accessible from anywhere in the field. Asset and equipment data is easily searchable and able to be reported on quickly. Technician and contractor labor hours and work load are tracked in a central place. This improves the efficiency of disseminating information throughout the organization and eliminates data silos.

Let us give your maintenance team a productivity boost with MaintenanceEdge!

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