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An Electronic Health Record for Healthcare Facility Equipment

By Amy Myers
Mar 25, 2013

Healthcare, Technology, Industry News

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Doctor taking notes on a tablet A recent article in Health Facilities Management discusses the ability to integrate medical equipment with an electronic health record (EHR). The concept makes a lot of sense. Why wouldn’t you want patient data to go straight from the machine to a health record? The ability to integrate the two wasn’t always there, but now that it is becoming reality, it would result in increased efficiency, improved workflow and improved communication.

Wouldn’t it be great if healthcare facility managers could have electronic health records for their facility’s equipment? Imagine the possibilities of being able to see everything that happened to a piece of equipment all in one place. All the reactive and preventive maintenance, including when it was done, all in one place.

A detailed equipment history would enable you to make more informed decisions. You would be able to better predict when a piece of equipment is getting close to the end of its life. If the reactive maintenance work is more frequent than it was previously, the work order history documentation could be used to advocate for a replacement before a failure occurs.

The equipment history could also come in handy during the next regulatory review or if you ever needed to prove that equipment was properly maintained. If all the maintenance is tracked in one place, and easily accessible, you could provide proof and documentation that maintenance was performed.

Fortunately, an EHR for facility equipment is available. FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge has the ability to track and provide equipment history reports. Simply select the piece of equipment, then view the work order history and voila! The entire history is at your fingertips in less than one minute. Now that’s easy record keeping!

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