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Angel Medical Center Improves Facility Operations with MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
Jan 25, 2012

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A critical access hospital in Franklin, North Carolina, discovered there is an easier way to manage their facilities with MaintenanceEdge. Gary Thompson, Director of Engineering & Environmental Services and Debora Nobles, Administrative Assistant, share their experience implementing FacilityDude and the positive impacts on facility operations.

Angel Medical Center Building

Why did you choose FacilityDude?

We loved that MaintenanceEdge is web-based. Now it’s easy to give everyone access to request a work order. Our previous system was a desktop system with a server, and not everyone had access to it. The reporting and ability to pull a variety of information out of the system was a huge advantage as well.

What business challenges were you facing?

Previously with our old system, once work orders were closed, it was as if they were deleted from the system. We could not access them, so we lacked searching and reporting capabilities. We desperately needed a way to easily search completed work for reporting purposes and to track our equipment and related maintenance.

How did FacilityDude help you solve these business challenges?

FacilityDude’s reporting capabilities and search allow us to better manage things and get more insight out of our data. We now know the maintenance history of every piece of equipment, which helped tremendously for planning and budgeting.

Having advanced search has increased efficiency. Recently we had to find the work order for an equipment installation. We knew who completed the work and the approximate timeframe for the work, so we were able to search using those criteria. We found the work order in less than five minutes. Previously we would have had to sift through paper files, so this is a considerable improvement.

Additionally, one of the convenient features we discovered is how we can add a piece of equipment at the same time a work order is entered. Before with our previous system, we would have to quit the work order and therefore lose any data that was already entered. Then we could add the equipment and fill out the work order. Having a nimble system is very convenient. It takes the pressure off having to remember to do everything step by step.

How was the implementation process? How did it compare to your previous work order system?

Implementation was smooth. We were up and running quickly, the system is easy to learn. This was critical for us since we have a small staff; the system had to be simple because we do not have a lot of time to invest in a significant amount of training to learn the system. Thankfully, MaintenanceEdge was intuitive and easy.

How has FacilityDude helped you save time/resources?

One of the biggest time savings has been utilizing the Planned Maintenance program and schedules. Our previous system did not have the ability to automatically generate scheduled work orders. We had to manually enter each PM work order every month, and with more than 25 PM work orders a month, that time added up. Utilizing the Planned Maintenance component saves us at least 2-3 hours every week. FacilityDude has streamlined our communication and eliminated the guesswork. There is more detailed information on the MaintenanceEdge work order, such as the building and location. And since the system automatically puts requestor info on the work order, we know exactly who to ask about the request if we have questions.

How has FacilityDude impacted your work life?

It has provided some freedom. Quarterly, we submit a Performance Improvement report to management that summarizes the department’s work and we would have a meeting to discuss and review as well. Shortly after implementation, we were able to just submit the report – the meeting was no longer needed because MaintenanceEdge’s reporting provided numbers proving the department’s consistent performance. It feels gratifying to have a system that “has your back” and makes things easier.

Has The Joint Commission visited since you purchased MaintenanceEdge?

They visited us recently. Those visits can be stressful but with MaintenanceEdge we felt proactive and confident knowing we had processes in place and could easily access documentation when it was requested. Having instant access to data and being able to answer questions right when they were asked made the visit go smoothly.

What else has FacilityDude helped you achieve?

Annually, we need to provide our accounting department with the total man hours spent at the doctors’ office buildings on our campus. Our previous system could not help us with tracking this because closed work orders were not searchable. FacilityDude enables us to run a report and quickly gather that information. We can even slice and dice the data by each individual doctor office!

What three things would you tell someone about FacilityDude?

1. Customer service is extremely helpful and easy to contact. You are not left alone to figure things out.
2. The system capabilities are exactly what we were looking for. User friendly, advanced search, reporting – it was all there.
3. It’s a cost effective solution. MaintenanceEdge is definitely a tremendous value for any budget.

If you'd like a .pdf version of the case study, please download the document below.


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