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Article: Corrections Management Meets Techno Tools

By FacilityDude
Aug 06, 2015

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In this article published by Corrections Forum, Emma Finch, our marketing programs manager, shares insight and trends around technology tools helping correctional facilities improve their operations.

Here is an excerpt from the May/June Corrections Forum issue.

Technology has dramatically improved what is possible with today’s facility management, states Emma Finch, marketing programs manager at FacilityDude, a company that offers facility management software. “Advances in mobile and the cloud have made it more affordable for criminal justice institutions to implement technologies that make their processes more efficient and also help them collect and graph data that helps illustrate facility trends, like equipment repair times or where employees are spending their time. A computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) is critical in these facilities, as it streamlines maintenance operations and helps plan for future needs. It can also help implement best practices like a good preventive maintenance program.”

She adds that the trend of tight budgets is not going away. “We’re all tired of hearing ‘do more with less,’ but in reality that becomes ‘do the same with less’ or even, ‘do less with less.’ The only way to meet these mantras is to make changes to processes that improve productivity and allow workers to become more efficient — often via technology.

“Maintenance teams fill an important role in criminal justice institutions, in keeping facilities safe and in working order for both staff and inmates. Technology can improve their ability to address problems and stay on top of their workload, which is a huge positive for everyone.”

The full article is available in the electronic version of the May/June issue here.

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