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Buncombe County Recognized for Green Initiatives

By Emma Finch
Feb 06, 2012

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Buncombe County Logo Buncombe County, NC, a client of FacilityDude’s for over a year, has been recognized for their dedication to green initiatives in a report released by the IBM Center for The Business of Government. The report details green actions by local governments with the conclusion that the wide varieties of sustainability actions by local governments all have a common goal in mind: to implement changes now to improve quality of life for future generations.

Buncombe County has produced creative and impactful campaigns which have spurred real change in their community. The county first started with the Buncombe Green Initiative in 2009 to emphasize energy efficient steps citizens could take to increase sustainability. Building on the success of Buncombe Green, the county started the GrowBC campaign in 2011. This initiative focuses on five issues: a greener, healthier, kinder, safer and smarter community.

The county wanted to become more energy efficient and so an operations plan was created which outlines ways to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while keeping a high level of service to citizens. The plan includes several years’ worth of historical energy data and sets benchmarks to measure future progress. Buncombe was able to set specific and realizable targets for energy savings because they understood the county’s historical energy consumption and trends. Measuring and verifying their progress let the county realize the impact they are having, plus they can educate the public on the value of these initiatives.

Buncombe County continues to be successful because they practice what they preach. They instituted changes in the government’s operations and reported the progress of their efforts to residents. By proving the county’s dedication to sustainability, they engaged the public more and saw behavioral changes which led to time and money savings for both citizens and the government.

Read more about Buncombe County’s sustainability plan and green initiatives in the links below:

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