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Caddo Parish Implements a User-Friendly, Flexible Work Order System

By Emma Finch
Jun 14, 2012

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Caddo Parish, Louisiana, needed a more flexible work order software system. With the county managing 33 public buildings, they needed a system where they could easily create and track work orders and then produce detailed reports. Miche’al Holdsworth talked to us about how MaintenanceEdge has helped her in her job and saved her more than 4 hours of work per week. 

Why did you choose FacilityDude?

We looked at several products, and when we saw what FacilityDude could do and how it easy it was to work, we went with it. The system is flexible and it’s simple to go back in and update the system, which is something we needed.

What business challenges were you facing?

Our previous software program was a nightmare to use. It was not designed for facilities, so it didn’t fit our needs. There were a lot of steps to put in a work order. Then, there was no way to track the work order and we couldn’t easily create the reports we needed.

How did FacilityDude help you solve these business challenges?

To put in a work order takes seconds now. We can keep track of labor hours and overtime on all our projects. Now I can easily go back and change information in the system. If we find later that something is incorrect, like labor hours, I can go back and fix it, no problem. We can see where the guys are spending their time and remind them of jobs that have slipped their minds. And the reports are awesome! Our reports and billing are much more accurate now.

How was the implementation process?

I did my first training and we were up and running in a matter of hours! The support staff is phenomenal! When I call or email, I get a response within thirty minutes. I don’t sit for days wondering if they’re going to get back to me.

How has FacilityDude helped you save time or resources?

The time savings are significant. The speed at which I can enter a work order and then go back and add time to the entry later is incredible. It takes seconds; it doesn’t take any time at all. Before, entering a work request took me eight minutes start to finish. Now, it takes me 45 seconds start to finish.

Reducing the time to enter work orders from 8 minutes to 45 seconds has translated to more than 4 hours saved per week. Over the course of the year, that’s more than 200 hours saved!

How has FacilityDude impacted your work life?

I don’t dread putting in work orders anymore. The flexibility of the system means I don’t have to fight it to get it to do what I want. I can change things if I need or bypass fields if I don’t want to fill them in right away. The best part is that when I finish, I’m still smiling! I love my work order system!

What else has FacilityDude helped you achieve?

We are able to keep better track of the amount of work the technicians are doing. I can show each person on the team how much work they did each month. They work hard and are appreciative that we recognize that. FacilityDude lets us validate them in their jobs by helping us keep up with all that they do.

What three things would you tell someone about FacilityDude?

1. The program is simple but sophisticated
2. The reporting is easy
3. The support staff is wonderful

If you'd like a .pdf version of the case study, please download the document below.


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