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Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health Achieves System-Wide Efficiency with MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
May 18, 2012

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Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health Building Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health maintains 28 locations and 37 buildings across three counties in Washington and needed to increase efficiency and improve communication. Brad Jones, Director of Property Management & Construction discusses his experience implementing FacilityDude's MaintenanceEdge and how it improved his facilities' operations.

Why did you choose FacilityDude?

Simplicity and support. When we saw how easy MaintenanceEdge is to use, and the minimal training needed, we knew it was the right solution. We were able to give everyone access to create a work order since it has unlimited users. We heard the support was great, and considering our staff had varying levels of computer experience, that was a huge plus.

What business challenges were you facing?

Our paper system wasn’t consistent or efficient. We were very limited by what we could do with our data. We wanted the convenience of being able to look up history electronically and have documentation and reporting, especially from a safety standpoint. We also couldn’t do any benchmarking, or track staff time.

How did FacilityDude help you solve these business challenges?

With Planned Maintenance, our preventative maintenance program has consistency and is more streamlined. Previously we were relying on people remembering to look at the schedules and instructions in binders. With MaintenanceEdge, reminders are automatically sent out to staff. Instructions, equipment and tools needed are included or attached to the work orders. This helps staff be more efficient and removes the burden of having to remember everything because it’s all right there. Having a solid system for PM has paid off because we are now doing more preventative maintenance and less reactive maintenance.

Additionally, MaintenanceEdge helps us track the reasons maintenance is being called and any overtime associated. We didn’t always have a good record of when we were called, what we were doing, why it was needed, or how long it took to complete. Now we have that documentation and we can review a work order and say, “Was this really an emergency that had to be handled on the weekend?” Before, we didn’t have a way to track that or support whether or not it was a real emergency. The documentation is really beneficial.

How was the implementation process?

Implementation went terrific and it was exactly what you said it would be. The great support and communication played a big role. Anytime we had a question or needed help, support was there. That brought credibility to my decision to bring FacilityDude on board because one of my biggest fears was that support wouldn’t be there when we needed it, but that was never the case. I also love the tips and tricks webinars. Even during implementation they were helpful to learn the system. Implementation went great. I couldn’t be happier.

How has FacilityDude helped you save time/resources?

MaintenanceEdge helps us prioritize assignments which has greatly improved our productivity. We can easily see the most important items and address those first. Since we have multiple facilities across three counties, we are mindful of travel time and expense. We try to maximize travel time by gathering enough non-emergency work orders to create a full day’s work at a facility. Previously, that was not easy to do, we felt like we were constantly putting out fires instead of having a structured process.

How has FacilityDude impacted your work life?

We sleep easier at night. We don’t worry about things getting overlooked anymore because the system keeps track of what needs to be done. I was really proud of how we handled implementation. When we were writing our process to implement Planned Maintenance, we discovered the lack of consistency on how equipment was being serviced. We realized it was a golden opportunity to review process and maintenance strategies. We scrutinized each process, got input from staff, and created a best practice on how to establish and conduct each PM. Now we have a better system in place and the quality of how equipment is being serviced has increased.

Has The Joint Commission visited since you purchased MaintenanceEdge?

We are due anytime for a visit. We feel confident because we have always done well and we have a system in place that has tightened up processes. I feel comfortable. I’m excited. I think we’ll do well.

What else has FacilityDude helped you achieve?

We have built up enough work order history to do benchmarking. We are analyzing the work order data to determine how we are utilizing staff time, from a location and craft standpoint (see chart on next page). We could never do this with our paper system! This information will be essential when we advocate for additional staff.

What three things would you tell someone about FacilityDude?

  1. Simple to use. All levels of computer experience can use the system.
  2. Great customer support. They were always eager to help when we needed it.
  3. Helps create a lot of structure within your department. You’ll operate more efficiently.

If you'd like a .pdf version of the case study, please download the document below.


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