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City of Milwaukee Sees Major Improvements in Operations with MaintenanceEdge

By Emma Finch
Apr 01, 2014

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City of Milwaukee Seal The facilities team at the City of Milwaukee has a lot to manage: they’ve got hundreds of city buildings and over a hundred admins, supervisors, and technicians that manage them. They were using what they thought was state-of-the-art software to manage their maintenance operations. They started to have problems with it and once they began researching other options, they realized just how far short their current program was falling. They checked out FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge and immediately saw how user-friendly it was and how well it aligned with their maintenance management needs. They were specifically concerned with tackling a few major issues: the ability to have effective preventive maintenance schedules managed by a system, the capability of supervisors to have insight into the department’s workload, and the ability to run a variety of reports.

The department now uses MaintenanceEdge to more effectively perform their preventive maintenance, which was an area their previous system was not able to help them with. Roger says, “Our previous system was so vague with PM’s that we often ended up guessing at what needed to be done and it would not create work orders like we needed. Doing preventive maintenance is important to the city because we need to make sure we maintain our equipment in the best possible way. We want to know that we’re servicing pieces on regular schedules and now we can do that.” Now, they have a clear record of what preventive work is done when and can make more educated decisions about when to replace pieces.

Another issue with the previous system was that supervisors could not see the details of their department’s workload. Now with MaintenanceEdge, supervisors can log in and at a glance see the number of work orders pending, closed, overdue, and any that need approval. It’s straightforward for them to understand what pending work orders are waiting on, such as parts on order.

One of the biggest benefits the City sees from using MaintenanceEdge is the reports they can now generate. Roger says: “Now when we go to report budget, we don’t have to guess at numbers because we can bring up reports that show everything we did and all of our stats.” The City of Milwaukee has a number of different groups of tradesmen employed in the maintenance department. When doing a project that involves workers from various trades, they are asked to show how many man-hours were required from each trade. With MaintenanceEdge, that’s a quick report for them to run and they’ve been able to illustrate their success with this. They completed a big renovation on the second floor of city hall and were afterwards asked to provide a breakdown of time and materials. A report from MaintenanceEdge showed that they had completed that project on time and under budget.

The reports from the system also help them justify their staff numbers, which they couldn’t do before. The department can show that their workload requires them to have a certain number of electricians or mechanics. In the future, if they see their workload trending up while their employees stay the same, they may even use the reports to validate the need to hire more people. The department is about to start tracking costs of material in addition to their labor. This will allow them to support the materials they ask for. Roger explains: “When we ask for $500,000 in doors, we can justify it by what we’ve spent for the last couple of years and we can see where a lot of wear and tear is happening on equipment.”

“We’re a big city who choose MaintenanceEdge and it really has paid off for us. We don’t know how we ever operated without it. A good maintenance program helps an organization prosper and if you’re serious about maintenance and being successful in business, then you should use MaintenanceEdge. It will fit your needs and help your department,” notes Roger.

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