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City of Sherman, Texas Saves Time With Better Communication

By Emma Finch
Oct 03, 2014

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The building maintenance supervisor for City of Sherman, TX was kept busy answering a lot of emails and calls to provide follow-up communication on his department’s work. They implemented MaintenanceEdge and the automatic communication has saved a great deal of time for the facilities team and helped them improve customer satisfaction. 

Here is their story:

With over 70 buildings spread across almost 40 square miles, the Facilities Department of Sherman, Texas, has a lot to manage. Mike Grant, the Building Maintenance Supervisor, oversees the team who is responsible for the upkeep of these facilities. The team used email for about 10 years to manage their work requests but could not always provide the updates their requestors wanted. With a goal of improving communication in mind, they decided to take a look at software solutions that could help them.

The facilities’ team decided to take a look at FacilityDude based on a recommendation from their school system. Everyone was excited about MaintenanceEdge because the program is web-based, users can enter work request themselves, and status updates are automatically provided to requestors.

Mike Grant explains how they save time with MaintenanceEdge: “The system definitely saves us time by giving customers automatic alerts on job status and completion. We were not able to do that before and doing so means we are offering better customer service. I want to make sure our requestors are informed because I don’t want someone to be unhappy with our work and come back later with negative feedback. I want conversations about what we are doing to happen immediately so all issues are resolved quickly.”

The team also likes the Planned Maintenance portion of MaintenanceEdge and has put in a number of schedules. Grant has been able to reduce their equipment failure rate from around 10% to less than 3% during his time at the City. He preaches that “a clean machine is a happy machine.” Before using MaintenanceEdge, Grant had to manage these schedules with a calendar, which was not as easy as having a system automatically generate and assign those PM work orders. It is important to him to ensure that his team keeps on top of the condition of their equipment so that they catch premature failures.

Grant concludes: “It’s expected that you have to be able to do more with less but you’re going to end up with less and less unless you do something to get more out of what you have. You have to increase your efficiency and this is where MaintenanceEdge comes in. It’s a straightforward system to use that enables a team to do the best with what they have.”


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