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Cloud based SaaS trumps traditional IT systems

By FacilityDude
Feb 04, 2014

Facilities Management, Technology

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As "software as a service" continues to gain steam, facilities managers who have already made a commitment to integrating enterprise resource planning programs may now feel a little left out. While having the foresight to adopt customized applications to improve their IT functions and overall operations was impressive, ERP-ready FM representatives are probably finding that they can't stop thinking about the cloud.

If you are just about to dive into an infrastructure overhaul, then you should weigh your options before you find that you're in too deep. Geoffrey Moore, author and advisor, explained in his LinkedIn article that SaaS is the way to go for managers hoping to make significant advancements to facilities - now and in the long run.

Cloud based SaaS trumps traditional IT systems Although ERP applications offer many benefits, there is one major drawback that makes them far less appealing compared to cloud-based SaaS. These programs require facilities staff members and tech teams to invest a lot of time and energy to design the right ERP for them. Even after that step is finished, the work is far from done. FM representatives then have to dedicate a number of resources toward converting and streamlining all of their existing IT into these programs.

Future updates made easy with SaaS

By the time all of this finally wraps up, chances are that facilities managers are hardly in the mood to pay any more attention to their ERP. Unfortunately, in the world of business technology, that is not quite how things work. Innovation is constantly evolving, and whatever tool is considered to be a game changer one moment can become irrelevant in a blink of an eye.

For this reason, SaaS is the clear winner. ERP is stagnant on its own, and any maintenance or updates made to these applications need to be carried out by personnel. This means that each time there is some sort of development in programming, facilities managers are going to have to set aside some of their budgets and staff to tackle these modifications - unless they decide to take a hit by sticking with their outdated systems.

With SaaS, FM staff members don't come across this problem, according to FMLink. Management programs hosted on the cloud, such as those provided by FacilityDude, don't require you to stop what you're doing and make IT updates. Instead, your friends at FacilityDude do all of the work for you, instantly making modifications to your systems so that you can smoothly transition into using more sophisticated solutions.

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