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Look to the cloud for better facilities management capabilities

By FacilityDude
Oct 02, 2013

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Cloud Computing Graphic The days of limited access to facility data and minimal management team interaction are far behind us, according to Data Center Knowledge. With operations management software making leaps and bounds in terms of technological development within the last few years, many facilities are looking to new innovations to improve not only their day-to-day functions, but also their long-term goals. When it comes to facility data storage and task management, many are finding that there is no greater technology than the cloud.

While some originally found the cloud to be intimidating, there is a growing percentage of individuals who are suddenly starting to realize that this form of technology is a friend, not a foe. As demand for improved data accessibility and storage capacity continues to climb, cloud-based platforms are becoming more and more appealing to facilities managers.

Cloud raises the facilities management bar

With maintenance management information and operations data being stored in the cloud, facilities can now reduce the amount of resources needed to support centralized data storage, Data Center Knowledge reports. Facilities can eliminate the excess servers and computer hardware previously needed for housing information, which will allow more efficient computing and reduced hardware expenditures.

Tracking and management tools have seen significant improvements with the cloud. With the development of this technology, there has been an expansion of monitoring and management capabilities. When facilities use cloud-based software, they have more control over the way they handle their maintenance and operations data. As these servers offer additional features, such as automatic email or text message notifications and virtual work order assignments, managers will be more aware and more in charge when it comes to their facilities.

The biggest benefit to using cloud-based software to store and manage facility data is its accessibility. While servers of the past only allowed for on-premise use, managers can conveniently tap into the cloud from anywhere using the Internet. Data Center Knowledge explains that this enables facilities functions to be monitored and controlled from remote locations, which ensures that staff members can carry out necessary tasks, no matter where they are.

Put your data out of harm's way

An added bonus of cloud technology that some overlook is the fact that it pretty much makes data management disaster-proof. FacilitiesNet points out that a significant number of facilities learned this lesson the hard way following Hurricane Sandy. While some catastrophic incidents could wipe out a facility's entire data storage and task-controlling infrastructure - servers, hardware and software - placing all of its information in the cloud would prevent that from happening.

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