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Stay on top of facilities’ cold checks to reduce freeze losses

By FacilityDude
Oct 25, 2013

Facilities Management

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As the nights grow longer and the mornings chillier, FM personnel know that 'tis the season for preparing their facilities for winter weather.

snow flake It can be a challenge to make sure your buildings and equipment are ready to brave frigid temperatures and severe snowstorms. That said, you don't have to let winter facilities maintenance put an end to your holiday cheer! With a bit of planning ahead, your facilities can be prepared to face whatever winter throws their way.

One of the most obvious aspects of winter is the cold. Not only are freezing temperatures uncomfortable for your staff members and facilities occupants, but they also pose a risk to your essential systems. Equipment used to keep your operations running every day - from your buildings' water mains to their compressed air lines - can be easily impaired by dropping temperatures.

Because the cold can cause serious damage to certain systems, it has the potential to incur significant replacement costs and even shut down your facilities, according to FM Global. While you cannot control the weather, you can minimize your yearly freeze losses with some strategic maintenance management.

Risk stemming from cold temperatures is compounded when you factor in decreased holiday staffing levels. From Dec. 20 to 27, the likelihood of having facilities systems destroyed by plummeting temperatures increases. Because of the holidays, there are fewer individuals around to check up on facilities, which can prevent maintenance staff from seeing any of the warning signs that come before major damage.

Watch out for warning signs

In general, CleanLink suggests that one of the most important measures that FM personnel can take to avoid facilities freeze losses is to stay proactive with monitoring their systems and equipment. Even if a significant amount of your staff is away and enjoying the season's festivities, it is still key that you make sure that there is at least one maintenance representative around to check up on all of your facilities' components.

Using a CMMS to set up and manage seasonal maintenance can help. Winter weather related inspections can be scheduled automatically using FacilityDude's CMMS software, which allows you to schedule PMs seasonally. This allows you to minimize risk by making sure that there will be routine checks around your facilities so that personnel can spot leaks or cracks in equipment caused by freezing temperatures.

If FM staff see problem areas due to the cold, they can instantly submit a work order. The key to preventing significant freeze losses is to make quick repairs to any piece of equipment that may show slight signs of damage. This way, you will save more on replacement costs and ensure the safety of your facilities.

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