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Continue your facility’s health kick with consistent cleaning

By FacilityDude
May 09, 2014

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Continue your facility's health kick with consistent cleaning Even though National Public Health Week has come and gone, facility managers should use that as a kick start to their wellness initiatives. You may want to come up with some ways to keep the momentum going and promote the well-being of your staff members and building occupants. While there are bound to be instances when people become sick, you can take a number of precautions when cleaning and maintaining your facilities that would help prevent avoidable illness from affecting your facilities.

Sanitize consistently

Chances are that your facility serves as a communal space where individuals move in and out for a variety of reasons. One of the last things that you want is to have your building to become a breeding ground for germs that will then spread sickness.

"Community health starts with clean facilities," Tim Rasmussen, ITW Professional Brands marketing director, said in a press release. "Organizations must ensure their spaces meet industry cleaning standards and provide employees with the necessary resources to protect themselves while on the job."

Bearing all of that in mind, it's time that you and your maintenance team get down to business and start scrubbing your facilities. ITW Professional Brands recommended that you put together a list of places and pieces of equipment in your buildings that need to be cleaned on a consistent basis. You should think about all of the areas where bacteria and viruses would be most likely to settle, such as door handles, sinks and toilets. From there, you can use your handy CMMS to designate times when your staff should sanitize these surfaces, sending out automatic reminders to make sure these routine cleanings are accomplished like clockwork.

Mix up the perfect solution

When your team embarks on their daily cleaning initiatives, they should be equipped with the right chemicals that will get the job done. It is not enough to get these various areas of your facility sparkling, as microbes can still be covering surfaces that appear to be clean to the naked eye. Instead, you have to rely on some pretty serious stuff to eliminate bacteria.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment explained that one of the most effective cleaning agents you can use is bleach and water, but you and your staff should be careful to mix the right proportions so that your solution is effective, while being safe. The concentration of your bleach concoction should depend on the surfaces you are cleaning. If places have regular contact with bodily secretions or excretions, for instance, you will need to hit the bleach harder than other surfaces.

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