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Government declares November Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

By FacilityDude
Nov 15, 2013

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When it comes to the ease of daily life, many Americans may take some things for granted. The U.S. government has decided to make November Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month because we may not always acknowledge all of the systems that keep our country running smoothly.

power lines Because basic infrastructure is important enough for lawmakers to give it its own month of celebration, facilities managers may want to take the time to think about the ways in which they both rely on and contribute to the nation's support system. Not to mention, they should consider the methods that could help them improve their buildings' use of infrastructure.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, our society's ability to function is completely reliant on certain systems. Just think about the smallest tasks that you complete each day. From the second your electrically-powered alarm goes off until the moment you switch off your bedside lamp to go to sleep, you are depending on infrastructure.

Now, all of that is just on the most elementary scale imaginable. When you start to reflect on all of the ways your complex, interconnected facilities' functions require infrastructure, you begin really see the importance of securing and maintaining specific systems. Without electricity, running water or even roadways that allow people to go in and out of your facilities, your operations would come to a standstill.

Current events serve as a reminder

Do you remember the last major storm that hit your region? Any damage done to infrastructure caused production to shut down - partially, if not completely. FEMA pointed out that disasters such as Tropical Storm Irene, which devastated the Northeast, serves as a perfect reminder to many facilities managers just how important it is to protect critical infrastructure. The same goes for other regional storms that wiped out everything from methods of communication to means of transportation, such as Hurricane Sandy and Katrina.

With facilities managers fully aware of the need to secure critical infrastructure, DHS is pushing for them to get into the spirit of the month. There are numerous ways that you can get involved in the informative festivities, which are outlined on the department's site.

Among the actions that you can take, some of the easiest ones are centered on communication. For example, you can let your facility staff members and local community know the efforts that you are taking to ensure infrastructure safety. This will show your employees and your clients that you are doing your part to guarantee vital operations will keep on going in the event of an emergency.

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