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Detailed Reporting Helps Town of Avon, CT Justify Staff and Resources

By Emma Finch
Jun 24, 2013

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The Town of Avon, CT is home to 18,098 citizens. They had an antiquated, IT-built system that did not help the department operate efficiently and led to poor communication, resulting in wasted time for the administrator. Laurie Carlson, Department of Public Works Administrator, tells us how MaintenanceEdge streamlined communication, and how the reporting feature helped track work to justify staff and resources.

Here is their story:

Our prior system was Intranet based and was something IT created for us, but it had become old and antiquated. Users didn’t get automatic updates, so I dealt with calls from people asking for updates on requests, which was a time sink. In our old system, we couldn’t see the status of work orders, so to give them that information, I’d have to find the foreman, ask him for an update, then report back to the end user. It was all very time consuming; so much of my day was eaten up with that process.

We looked at a lot of different systems and collectively made the decision to go with FacilityDude. It had several key advantages: it’s web-based, very user-friendly and has automatic updates to technicians and requestors.

The improved communication is the biggest benefit for us. We have the system set up so that new work orders are sent to everyone. We wanted it this way so that if one foreman is out, the other can see the request and assign it out. It’s nice because now things don’t stop getting done because someone’s out. We can share the responsibility of making sure work is getting done. Another improvement to our communication is that end users are kept posted about the status of their requests so they don’t have to call me or stop the techs when they see them.

A big problem we had before implementing this system was that people would stop the technicians when they walked by and ask for something to be done. The techs would oblige and do what was being asked—this would cause us to lose sight of how much work was actually getting done in the field. We’ve made it clear that all work orders must be submitted in MaintenanceEdge. This is our way to track how much work we actually do. Now, the team insists that a work order is entered for every single job. This gives us a true sense of what we’re doing and what the techs spend their time on. When you track everything you do, it’s surprising how much adds up!

Another benefit we’re seeing is that we now have an easy way to report on our work. We submit reports to the town manager once a month on how many work orders we’ve done. This has been a great tool for him. If we need to ask for more staff, this gives him the ability to help us get that approved. We haven‘t had to hire additional people at this point, but if we ever do, we have an accurate record of our workload so we can prove what we need. We also use the reports to see how many work orders we do for various locations. We can see if any one location seems too high—maybe those are older buildings and the equipment is breaking down a lot. We can assess those situations and make decisions about what needs to be done.

MaintenanceEdge is a huge time saver for us. If I had to guess, I’d say we’re saving 30% to 40% of the time we used to spend on the work order process. I have peace of mind now because there’s a clear record of our work and everyone is kept in the loop. The effort you put in to MaintenanceEdge is worth the end result!

The Town of Avon submits a report to their town manager now to help him understand their workload.

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