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Detailed Reports Let Facility Managers Communicate the Scope of their Department’s Work

By Emma Finch
Jun 21, 2012

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Desk covered in documents containing graphs Sustainability is a topic that has taken center stage, and many local governments have a sustainability professional on staff. Considering all a facility manager can do to further operational efficiencies to contribute to sustainability, how does the relationship between the sustainability and facility manager work?

Environmental Leader’s article “Facility Managers: The New Sustainability Champions” explores ways for sustainability professionals and facility managers to successfully work together. Here are some of the recommendations for facility managers:

  • Increase visibility within the organization by building relationships across departments, perhaps by participating on a sustainability project.
  • Be transparent on progress and success in those efforts, share your information and keep it current.
  • Join a professional organization—many recognize the importance of sustainability and offer education on the topic.
  • Partner with a sustainability campaign—these campaigns, such as the ENERGY STAR Pledge, offer resources and outlets for recognition for facility managers.

One piece of this advice for facility managers that stood out was about being transparent. The article says: “Baseline, track, share, and implement…Keep everyone current and aware of progress, success, and shortfalls to prevent further budget cuts.”

Facility managers have enough on their shoulders just trying to handle daily and preventative maintenance, how do they ensure they’re tracking and sharing everything they do as well? And if the facility manager isn’t communicating about their work, how do they justify their budget to management? With a maintenance management system like FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge, it’s easy to quickly create detailed reports on technician labor hours, locations and costs. This allows management to track and verify the success of projects and stay informed on the scope of the department’s work. Thorough reports with reliable numbers remind everyone of the value provided by the facility manager and their team.

So, if you haven’t yet invested in a maintenance management system, it’s time to. You’ll be happy you did when getting reports ready to justify your budget is quick and simple!

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