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The unthinkable could happen tomorrow. Are you prepared?

By Amy Myers
Aug 15, 2013

Facilities Management

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There are all kinds of disasters. Some are caused by Mother Nature. Others are man made. They can come with days of warning or none at all. If a disaster strikes, facility managers must have a thorough, practiced plan to minimize damage, ensure the safety of employees, and speed the recovery process. Our recent webinar “Disaster Preparedness: It’s Everybody’s Responsibility” discusses planning best practices, including the importance of communication, training and documentation.

A good maintenance program and a CMMS to track work are crucial to disaster preparedness and response. You never know when a disaster will strike so you must maintain a constant vigilance with maintenance records and PM work. Those records will put you in a much better position for potential reimbursements than you would be if you have to scramble to gather documentation after a disaster.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking it won’t happen to you. In an emergency situation, you don’t want to end up suffering from the 80/20 rule: 80% of your problems stemming from 20% of your (lack of) planning. By thinking ahead, training and preparing, you will have an easier time executing your plan and ensure you get the reimbursements you need.  

So, what’s your plan for before, during, and after an emergency? Are you vigilant in your preparedness? Or is the plan something that just “sits on the shelf”? Does your staff know what to do if you have to execute the plan?

To learn how you can prepare for a disaster, download our webinar “Disaster Preparedness: It’s Everybody’s Responsibility”.

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