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Dude, where are my keys?

By Kate Donnelly
Mar 01, 2013

Facilities Management, Asset Management

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Reading an article about asset management from American City and County got me thinking about my own assets. At what point do you decide you need a system in place to help monitor your assets? Without a doubt, I would pay for a system to tell me where my keys are in the morning to prevent me from getting to work at 8:02, which would put a stop to the inevitable up-down from the lady who’s been there since 7:30—but that’s beside the point.

It makes you wonder, if a regular person like me can’t even keep track of my assets, how do people take care of this on a larger scale? Facilities managers have much bigger things than keys to worry about. They have buildings, equipment, inventory and countless other items on their mind. No single person can keep track of all the preventative maintenance, repair costs, warranties, location, etc for each and every item that falls under their umbrella of responsibility. That’s why implementing an asset management system is inevitable. But, like I said before, the question is when do you draw the line and realize you need some help? 

Each facility manager needs to, “conduct an honest assessment of your organization’s current equipment management practices.” To help you to do that, the article provides a list of thought provoking questions to get you to take a look in the mirror at your organization. These questions will trick you into a week or so of asset management soul searching, which will lead you to the conclusion that you need a helping hand. 

After the decision is made to implement an asset management system, one point is made that cannot be over looked, “A training program, as well as ongoing customer support, also should be offered to educate all end users.” No matter how great a system is, it is useless if no one knows how to use it—or even worse, if only one person knows how to use it. Having unlimited support and training makes it easier for you and your staff to understand and fully adopt the program.  

“Using an asset management program to its fullest potential puts control back into local managers’ hands and relieves them of the administrative headache of trying to manage a multitude of equipment located across an [organization].” You don’t need to play the guessing game with your assets anymore. You can now have the comfort of knowing you left your keys in the freezer next to the peas.

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