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Durham, NC, Establishes Effective Preventive Maintenance Program with MaintenanceEdge

By Emma Finch
Dec 19, 2012

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We recently caught up with Carl Locus, the Assistant Facilities Operations Manager, about the decision to implement MaintenanceEdge. They were intent on getting a system that was more user-friendly and which would help them create a thorough preventive maintenance program. They were able to achieve this along with some additional benefits, such as giving more control to front line employees.

Here is their story:

At City of Durham, we needed an easy-to-use work order system that would help us become more proactive with our preventive maintenance. Our previous system was a city-wide system and had limitations with creating a planned maintenance program. When we saw the ability MaintenanceEdge had to help us with our PM program plus the fact that the PM work orders automatically generate year after year based on the schedule we set, we were sold. With our last system, our PM schedules erased every two years and it was a hassle to have to re-create them.

Our implementation was very easy. The availability of training makes all the difference. We were able to do our initial training online with client services and we’ve been able to call or email with any questions and get a fast response. Getting our equipment and locations into the system was trouble-free. I had my staff gather the information from our prior system and then work with client services to get everything transferred into MaintenanceEdge. We also took our entire facility operations leadership team to FacilityDude University for training so that we could create our PM program together and ensure that we were all in sync about the plan. It was very hands-on and it helped for us to be off-site so we didn’t get interrupted by calls or people walking in.

Now that we’ve got the Work Order and Planned Maintenance modules up and running, we are implementing Work Order Wireless. I think this will help the front line folks with two things. First, if they’re out in the field and a work order comes in, they don’t have to drive back to the office to get it. Second, if they have a work order that they need to close out right away for whatever reason, they can do that from the field.

We also recently purchased InventoryEdge product as well, which will even further cut down on travel time. We can tie inventory to work orders and the team can see what we have in the warehouse. We’ve worked hard to ensure the team is not wasting time driving around when we have technology that can reduce windshield time and make them more productive.

One of the greatest benefits of using FacilityDude is that our data is centralized so we can easily pull detailed reports. For three years we have needed to create a report for the city manager by pulling information from several different systems because we had a challenge finding all the information in a single report with a city-wide system. Client services helped us create the report we needed and the general services director was impressed, he said this is the first time he’s gotten just one report that showed all the information he needed to pass to the city manager.

MaintenanceEdge has helped us give more control to our front line people, which is what I really want. I don’t want them to have to run into my office every thirty seconds because we haven’t put the information and tools in their hands to do their job. This system puts all the information they need about work orders and planned maintenance into their hands so that they can be more independent in doing their job and feel more fulfilled.

Click the link below to download a .pdf version of the case study.


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