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East Feliciana Parish Sees 25% Time Savings with MaintenanceEdge

By Emma Finch
Mar 18, 2013

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East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana has a population of 20,117 and consists of 458 roads. They chose to implement MaintenanceEdge to help them easily create monthly reports, and to document all of their work in one central database. Gwen McCoy, Department of Public Works Clerk, tells us why she chose FacilityDude and how it has helped her already.

What challenges were you facing with your previous system?

Before, we had no system. I kept everything in a giant spreadsheet. It was unorganized and made doing my monthly reports difficult and time-consuming. It was hard to keep track of everything we had going on because all the information wasn’t stored in one place.

Why did you choose FacilityDude?

We saw a demonstration of MaintenanceEdge and loved it. It fit our needs really well and is so simple to use. We also liked that you can log in to the system from anywhere. If I’m at home and think I’ve forgotten something, I can now log in and check. Being on the Internet makes it convenient to access so there’s no worrying about trying to remote in to our workplace computer system.

What is the most important thing for you to get out of the system?

Our main goal is to have more accountability. We want to be able to know where everyone is and what they’re doing. We also needed to have all of our data in a central location to keep better records. Now, everything is in one searchable place for us so it’s simple and quick to find information. My boss will call and ask “when was the last time we did work on this road?” and I can go in and with a couple clicks, tell him right away.

How was the process of getting implemented?

It was easy for us to get set up. We bought MaintenanceEdge and by the end of the next month we were able to start using it. Getting the equipment in was fairly easy, and client services helped me whenever I needed them. I love the customer service team! Anytime I have a problem I email and they are an instant help. I’ve been extremely happy with the level of support they’ve given me.

How is the reporting?

The reports are very easy to do. We have nine districts and I need to do a monthly report for each district about what we did in their area. I also have to do an overall monthly report to the Parish about everything we’ve done. It’s so much quicker for me to do this now. I used to have to manually do these reports from spreadsheets and it took me a lot of time. MaintenanceEdge’s reporting has made my life a lot easier.

How else has FacilityDude helped you?

It’s helped us save time by being more efficient. I used to take at least two hours a day entering in work because I’d have sixteen guys coming in and telling me what they did and then I had to type it all into Excel, searching through hundreds of different sheets to enter information. Now, it takes me a couple minutes and clicks and I can get what I need.

We can also get to our emergency work orders a lot quicker now because I can see them flashing on my screen right away. This helps us get to the critical issues first; I just alert the supervisor to those problems so we can address them immediately. I can also instantly see the statuses of all our work requests to see what’s in progress and what’s waiting on parts. I don’t have to worry anymore about updating requestors on their work orders. They get an email about it, which saves me time on follow ups.

What would you tell someone about MaintenanceEdge?

MaintenanceEdge is the best thing that’s happened to this department since I’ve been here! The wonderful customer service helps us whenever we need it. MaintenanceEdge lets us keep all of our information in one place and then easily pull reports on anything we want. We are so happy with the system.

East Feliciana Pie Chart

The graph above is from MaintenanceEdge.  It shows East Feliciana Parish the break down of their work by priority.

To download a .pdf of the case study, please click the link below.


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