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Florida Hospital Heartland Division creates two positions by leveraging data from MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
Jul 02, 2013

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Florida Hospital Heartland Division maintains 25 buildings across three hospital campuses for a total of 408,000 square feet. They needed better reporting to determine where the budget was being spent, manage staff workload and track equipment history. Frank Hernandez, Engineering Manager and Allie Sevigny, Engineering Department Supervisor, discuss their experience implementing FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge and how it improved their facilities’ operations.

Here is their story:

When we started looking for a new work order system to manage our three campuses, we had some specific criteria we wanted to meet. The main thing we needed was greater reporting capabilities. We wanted the ability to report on a variety of items, such as building to building comparison of work, equipment history and staff workload. We needed to see how and where the budget was being spent. It was also important to us that the system be user friendly. MaintenanceEdge fit these criteria.

Once we saw MaintenanceEdge, we knew it would be easy to use, and we found implementation was simple as well. We utilized the import services to get all users into the system since we allow anyone on staff to request a work order. We imported the equipment ourselves and set up the PM system and schedules. It didn’t take long to get work order setup, especially since Client Services was always available anytime we had questions. Once we got started, implementation was a piece of cake.

One of the best features of MaintenanceEdge is the advanced search and reporting. With just a couple of clicks we can select the data criteria and quickly generate the report we need. We don’t have to spend time figuring out how to run reports. It’s very user friendly and provides real time savings. When you get a call with a question, like how many labor hours were spent in a particular building, you can create a report in a couple of minutes instead of a week like before. Since all the information in MaintenanceEdge is continuous, it’s easy to see what we did last year or two years ago. Our previous system archived work orders almost every year, so the work order history was locked into the system and you couldn’t view it or report on it without calling their support.

The time invested putting data into the system pays off in the long run because we are creating history. The system tracks materials, costs, labor hours and if it’s part of a project. All the equipment contains the original cost and we also note the approximate year it’s going to be obsolete. So if a piece of equipment is failing or we are doing an excessive amount of maintenance on it, we can see its history and when it was due for replacement. Having everything in the system means we’re no longer guessing or searching through documents.

Graph of FL Heartlenda labor hours among 14 technicians Another area we are no longer guessing about is the staff’s workload. The system helps us see the reactive and preventive maintenance work orders so we can better prioritize and plan work. Managing staff workload is much easier now. Since we can accurately convey our workload, we can better set expectations for the “nice to have” improvement requests. 

We provide administrators with periodic reports. When we shared a year-end summary report showing the department’s work completed and labor hours, they had a clear understanding of everything we accomplished because it’s in black and white. You can’t take away from that. Previously, we would take binders into meetings to illustrate all the work orders the department completed. But having numbers is powerful. It has helped us justify our existence and current staff and advocate for additional staff. We created two positions using MaintenanceEdge!

Having a system like MaintenanceEdge in place was essential during our most recent inspection from The Joint Commission. As The Joint Commission conducted the inspection, they saw we had a process in place and could easily answer questions. They didn’t ask much, it was a smooth visit.

We are very happy with MaintenanceEdge. Work orders run our daily lives. MaintenanceEdge helps us prioritize, schedule and manage reactive and preventive work throughout the day so we always know where things stand. It’s not just the maintenance department that benefits from using MaintenanceEdge. The whole hospital benefits because the system allows us to have communication throughout the hospital we didn’t have before. Requestors are updated on work order status and when the work is done they can provide feedback. We are now managing the hospital together with the requestors. Everyone loves it.

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