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Get the funding you want with data

By FacilityDude
Feb 06, 2014

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Get the funding you want with data Let's say that you're ready to make some major changes to your facilities. No matter what kind of project you decide to take on, you are going to have to get your hands on funding. That is sometimes easier said than done, especially in this age of budget cuts.

So how exactly should you go about persuading people to give you some financial backing for your FM initiatives? Well, backers generally like to know that their investments will be worth their while. All you have to do is prove to them that any endeavors you embark on are going to be promising and show a return on investment.

The best way to do this is to show them some cold, hard facts. According to FacilitiesNet, you can often convince others to contribute funding for a project by producing some data that demonstrates the expected benefits of whatever you are planning on executing.

Regardless of the functions that your facility performs or the end goal that your staff has, it is important to recognize that you are managing a business. Because of this, you have to think beyond your day-to-day FM tasks and play the corporate game. This is the key if you want to win over anyone who can grant you the money you need to make any useful modifications to your operations.

"Understand the benefits to the business," Alan Whitson, president of Corporate Realty, Design and Management Institute, told FacilitiesNet. "Quantify those benefits, and then 'dollarize' those benefits."

Securing maintenance money the easy way

Whether it be to replace those rusty bathroom faucets or to overhaul your entire power system with the addition of solar energy, you are going to have to justify these changes to those overseeing your facility's budget. That may seem like an overwhelming task, but it really does not have to be.

As a part of your maintenance duties, you and your staff regularly check up on your facilities' systems and equipment. You have to make sure that every component is in good condition and performing in the most efficient way possible. After you carry out these inspections and make requests for funding, Pro Bono Australia stated that you should keep a database of all your findings and actions.

If you use the simple tools provided by FacilityDude, such as MaintenanceEdge, you will be able to document everything hassle-free. This way, when you are suggesting a project, you can point at specific figures that show why you need to make a change, in addition to the funding efforts already made.

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