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Show off your FM staff this National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week

By FacilityDude
Oct 21, 2013

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You and your staff members work hard to keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently all year round so why not take the time to give yourselves a pat on the back? Fortunately for you, this week is National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week, and you can do just that.

According to the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, the organization responsible for the event, this week gives you the perfect opportunity to acknowledge all of the effort that you and your team put into keeping your facilities working safely and efficiently. While your maintenance management operations have definitely been a whole lot easier since you incorporated that FacilityDude CMMS into your facilities' functions, you have reason to celebrate.

How should you celebrate?

Given the spirit of the week, you should be sure to set aside the time to show your maintenance and management personnel that you appreciate the dedication they demonstrate when helping to keep your facilities functioning in prime condition. Are you fresh out of ideas? Not to worry - ASHE has provided some inspirational suggestions as to how you can partake in this annual week of recognition.

What better way to highlight your representatives' skills and talents than to show everyone how great they are. You can open your facilities up to visitors, hosting events that will put your operations and supportive staff members in the spotlight. It would be a thoughtful gesture to invite not only facilities' day-to-day personnel, but also those higher up in your organization to come in and celebrate at an open house of sorts. This lets team members know their hard work did not go unnoticed by their managers.

Make it a public affair

These events would give you a great opportunity to hand out awards to those throughout your staff who have showed exceptional performance while carrying out their jobs. You can attract local attention for these special ceremonies with some a little bit of help from your public relations and marketing departments.

By issuing a press release or encouraging members of the community to participate in National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week, you can increase public awareness of what your facilities accomplish. This will enable you to establish yourself as a more prominent member of your community, while showing everyone how awesome of a job your team does. The general public doesn't even have to know that your FM operations are super easy thanks to your user-friendly, cloud-based CMMS from FacilityDude. That way, you can take all of the credit for keeping your facilities in optimal shape.

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