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Healthcare Facilities Go Wireless to Improve Service

By Amy Myers
Sep 18, 2012

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Experts predict wireless medical technologies will eliminate up to 40 percent of waste in health care processes and 25 percent of avoidable admissions according to the article “Wireless Devices Incite ‘Medical Spring’” in the June issue of Hospital & Health Networks.

New diagnosis and treatment technologies, such as better endoscopy camera capsules and a device implanted to monitor orthopedic surgery recovery, will help monitor patient progress and speed diagnosis, enabling better patient care.

But wireless technology can impact patient care in other areas of the hospital. Facility managers can utilize wireless devices to help streamline facility maintenance operations, ensuring a comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff. Using wireless devices in conjunction with cloud technology maximizes department productivity.

Animated cloud with green wifi signal inside Cloud technology provides access to information through an internet browser.  A web-based maintenance management system, like FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge, provides the flexibility to monitor, receive and update work orders anywhere, anytime. So the next time a work order gets submitted after hours or on the weekend, you can check on things without being tethered to your office.

But why change processes when what facilities (and physicians) have done in the past has worked? Because change is needed in order to meet budgets and future care demands.

“Far too frequently, providers and hospital executives cling to older, less efficient and less productive processes because the total cost in effort and dollars to change seems too high,” says Akram Boutros, M.D., chief medical officer at South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside, NY.

If you need budget-friendly technology, switch to cloud technology. MaintenanceEdge can save up to 80% on your total cost of ownership compared to other CMMS. And increase productivity 15% or more.

It’s time to cut the cord. Or rather, unplug it.

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