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Healthcare Facility Department Managers Tackle The Budget Monster

By Amy Myers
Jul 16, 2012

Healthcare, Industry News

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Green budget monster holding a building Maintaining a healthcare facility takes time and money and it seems everyone always has to do more with less. Health Facilities Management’s article “Wages Scale Upward” shared the results of a survey conducted by the publication, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) and the Association for Healthcare Environment (AHE). Over 10,000 hospital department managers were surveyed about trends in hospital compensation and the response rate was 26%. The results provided both good news and bad news. Surprised? We didn’t think so.

The good news is salaries are on the rise. The bad news is organizations plan to do more with less. Of the managers who participated in the survey, 67% said their staff would decrease in the coming year. Operating budgets for 2012 were reduced for 34% of respondents, and another 25% said their budget didn’t change.

Is there a way to avoid these staff decreases and budget cuts? Maybe. Maybe not. But having documentation of your department’s activities could help you advocate your case to administrators and tackle the budget monster.

FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge allows you to track and report on work by staff, craft, location and more. You can also track budget costs and labor hours. Want to run a report on your staff’s work by type of craft from the last quarter? With MaintenanceEdge you can create and run that report in less than two minutes. Being able to easily analyze your department’s activities and slice and dice budget spending will provide a complete view of department activities.

Just another tool in your belt for when you battle the budget monster.

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