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Hospitality sector rethinks energy efficiency management

By FacilityDude
May 07, 2014

Energy Management

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When it comes to facility efficiency, it's best to see the forest for the trees. According to FMLink, a new report from the consulting firm Navigant Research shows that the hospitality sector has been historically slow to adopt new energy management technology, but that hotel operators are now gravitating toward smarter energy systems as they look to save money.

Hotels rethinking energy efficiency At the heart of the change are systems that focus on making entire properties more efficient and better integrated in their energy consumption. Until now, guest room energy management has focused on room-centric HVAC, according to the report. Part of this has to do with the fact that hotels have special energy management requirements in order to sufficiently heat and cool individual rooms. Now, however, the hospitality sector is taking a look at the bigger picture.

All facility managers should work to make their buildings more energy efficient. The shift in the hotel sector demonstrates the potential value in reevaluating one's approach to energy efficiency and working to create a better overall strategy to meet conservation goals. Updating HVAC systems, taking advantage of renewable energy sources and improving your building performance are just some of the ways in which you can save big on energy.

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