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How big data can help you reduce operations errors

By FacilityDude
Aug 29, 2014

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How Big Data can help you reduce operations errors Let's face it - nobody's perfect. Unfortunately, when it comes to facility managers, sometimes it can seem like they're expected to be. As facilities get more complicated, FMs are finding they must keep track of a larger number of often competing maintenance demands, and the possibility that things could slip through the cracks increases.

Minimizing operator error is important for saving time and money. It may seem nearly insurmountable to keep things running smoothly without succumbing to snags and peccadilloes, but there are tools FMs can make use of to help keep their proverbial heads above water when it comes to maintenance management.

Technology to the rescue

Managing a facility may largely be maintenance focused, but in recent years FMs have been finding greater needs to leave the analog world behind and go digital. Data collection and network computing have been introduced through various software packages as a means to ameliorate all parts of facility management from tracking work orders to staying on top of inventory requests. These aspects previously had to be tracked manually, which could exponentially increase the chance of a miscommunication, miscalculation or other similar crossed wire resulting in an error. And in the world of facility management, such errors carry a price tag in maintenance costs and lost time.

How data can help

Especially for FMs who weren't born into the era of technology, porting facility management over to an online system can seem like trading one set of complications for another. After all, data is, like any other implement in a toolbox, just a tool, and without proper knowledge and understanding of how to use it, data provides no inherent benefit on its own.

To make the most effective use of CMMS software, you must understand how the unique benefits of technology can fill in specific gaps in the overall efficiency of your facility management. For example, centralized tallying of inventory resources can make it easier to maintain a steady count of essential materials such as cleaning supplies and other consumables. This may seem like small potatoes, but lost costs associated with improper inventory management can add up.

Confusion can arise when necessary information is spread across multiple disparate channels. Fortunately, centralization is a key feature of CMMS programs. Not only can such software make tracking work order statuses more seamless, it also prevents FMs from having to navigate multiple channels to get all the data they need to do their job efficiently.

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