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How you can make your security cameras your best friend

By Emma Finch
Aug 12, 2014

Facilities Management, Technology

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How you can make your security cameras your best friend Managing an entire facility can be a daunting task. Even with building automation systems in place, keeping on top of everything to make sure things are working properly presents a significant challenge. Fortunately facility managers don't have to go it alone. Many facilities already come equipped with an unlikely ally when it comes to keeping watch over everything, in the form of a security camera system.

An extra set of eyes

You may be tempted to use their security cameras strictly for - you guessed it - security. While they are undoubtedly a valuable asset in that regard, creative managers have recently begun exploring some additional extracurricular uses for cameras.

According to Correctional News, security cameras are becoming an important tool in building intelligence - the act of gathering information about who uses your facility, when and for what purposes. This can have tremendous utility for commercial or even institutional facilities. As well as providing business-building information like buying habits and flows of foot traffic, more practical data can be gleaned from this type of camera use. In fact, correctional facilities have reported referring to camera data to examine the efficiency of layouts in order to catch potential problem areas that may require updates or renovations.

The caveats

It's true that security cameras offer a bevy of benefits to the facilities that use them, but before you decide to run out and do a facility-wide installation, it's important to take stock of your specific situation. While they can help you keep your premises secure and provide valuable insight into how to maximize your building's efficiency and traffic flow, there are also things to bear in mind.

Due to the cost of installing the cameras, as well as the associated automation software, large facilities will especially want to think very closely about the configuration of their setup. Naturally, you'll want to make sure your high traffic areas see the most coverage. Whether you're a  business, an office or a correctional facility, the places that see the most use are the ones that are likely to warrant potential updates or renovations. CSO Online also recommended making sure high-value areas, such as server rooms or administrative offices, also fall under the lens, even if they're not as frequently trafficked. Having the assistance of an extra eye in the sky can be useful, but in order to reap the most benefits, efficient installation and maintenance is essential.

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