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Make HVAC top FM priority this holiday season

By FacilityDude
Nov 04, 2013

Facilities Management, Energy Management

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As a slight chill starts to fill the air, facilities managers may find themselves thinking about getting their ducks in a row when it comes to readying their HVAC systems for winter. Firing up your facilities' heat calls for more than just flicking on a switch and turning the dial up on your buildings' thermostats.

thermostat Luckily, FacilityDude's CMMS allows you to manage, monitor and carry out all of the tasks associated with getting your facilities' heat up and running. You can assign FM tasks to maintenance personnel, ranging from conducting audits all the way down to repairing and replacing damaged components of your HVAC systems. These automated programs will enable you to send out work order notifications to the necessary staff members, providing you with the tools to ensure that everything put on your facilities' to-do list was actually completed.

According to a recent release, with the transition of the seasons, preparing your facilities to brave the cold of winter is more involved than looking at your warming equipment to make sure it's in working order. To stay on top of your HVAC maintenance and guarantee that it will continue to run well, you will also have to take a gander at the cooling components that you will be shutting down.

Two-pronged approach to HVAC

Your facilities' cooling system has to be ready for a long winter's nap, and you have to examine it to verify that everything is still in good condition. Now is the time to identify any problem areas and make the needed repairs or replacements since you will not be relying on these components to keep your facilities at a comfortable temperature. Take advantage of the fact that this cooling equipment is taking a backseat and perform your maintenance duties while you have the chance.

By coordinating your HVAC maintenance management tasks in such a proactive way, you will be able to get the most out of your system's life cycle. Another FM industry press release revealed that whenever you are replacing components of your facilities' systems, it is best to invest in innovative equipment. Even though the upfront costs may be a tad steeper, incorporating these sophisticated parts will ultimately help you make the most of your facilities' systems and even cut your utilities costs.

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