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By Grace Tester
Feb 01, 2013

Facilities Management

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Master Plan gears turning Recently I came across an article on the Web about facility maintenance master plans and I was intrigued. This is a topic near and dear to our clients so I continued searching around to see just what a “Master Plan” consisted of and how they can vary. As I read on, I found myself nodding and smiling as I recognized familiar phrases that I often use in my own trainings and webinars. “Reactionary maintenance,” “measurable goals,” “unanticipated outages and downtimes,” were just a few that jumped off the page at me.

The common theme is you need to have a plan that includes facility condition assessments to help anticipate repairs and upgrades, preventive maintenance schedules, budgets, etc., and it should align with the actual facility master plan. This plan will evolve daily, weekly, monthly and changes should be well documented to better anticipate needs and enable data-driven decision making. This should be a step-by-step plan of attack your entire maintenance department buys into and follows.

We know this isn’t an easy job and many of our clients struggle with creating and implementing these plans due to budgets, time constraints, etc. This got me thinking about what you could do within FacilityDude to create your own master plan. We recently conducted a webinar on “Manage Codes.” (Click here to view recording.) These user defined codes allow you to track budget, purpose, and projects within your FacilityDude solution. Setting up and utilizing these codes in your account allows for some pretty awesome reports you can present to decision makers and staff throughout the year.

I spoke with a client not too long ago who had created different budget codes for each department within his facility. He allowed those submitting work orders to choose from a select few of the budget codes he had created and had been able to track how much each department was spending on maintenance. He then set up automatic reports, breaking down the cost into labor and material purchases. These reports automatically generated once a month and were emailed to the heads of each department. Doing these seemingly small things can help you set and reach your goals for 2013.

So, I guess the question I am asking is this: “What is your facility maintenance master plan, and how can we at FacilityDude help you succeed?”

To contact Grace you may email her at grace@facilitydude.com or call support at 877-655-3833.

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