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Indian Valley Family YMCA Tracks and Documents Work with MaintenanceEdge

By Kate Donnelly
Aug 26, 2013

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Indian Valley YMCA Building Indian Valley Family YMCA in Hartford, Connecticut has one full facility and two child care centers. They needed a better way to track and prove the work they were doing, and FacilityDude was introduced to them just in time! Todd Grover, Property Director, had a chance to tell us how MaintenanceEdge helps their YMCA justify equipment replacements, track and report on work, and create accountability.  

Here is their story:

What kind of system was in place before MaintenanceEdge?

We didn’t use anything to track our work before MaintenanceEdge. I have been in the facilities profession for about 20 years, and for 20 years I have been using paper work orders and it was a nightmare. We needed a system to streamline everything we were doing.

What business challenges were you facing?

There was nothing in place to track what work we were doing, where, and on what. If I wanted to know the status of a certain work order or project, I would have to track down my maintenance guys and ask them; there was just no easy way to get updates.

What sold you on FacilityDude?

The YMCA of Greater Hartford decided to implement FacilityDude as an association, and rolled it out to the branches. We all have it, but it is really up to the branches to actually use it to its full potential. I took to it right away and started using it as soon as I could. What really sold me was in a single snapshot you could see the entire work history on a specific piece of equipment. I’m no longer pulling random pieces of paper together hoping it belongs to a certain piece of equipment. How could someone have the opportunity to use this system and not take advantage of it?

How has FacilityDude helped you solve your business challenges?

It has helped us out in every way, but it all comes back to tracking everything we do. I am able to document my work, make notes on anything, and it is all right there in one place for my team to see. It adds a lot of accountability and we can see who is doing what, when, and where.

When I’m pulling together any report for the property committee, it’s a few clicks and I’ve got what I need. I love that I can easily pull a report to see the complete work history on each individual piece of equipment. Whether it is a rooftop unit or exercise machine, we have a record of all maintenance— planned or unplanned with any related costs, hours and out of service dates. The reports help us identify problem equipment that have required multiple repairs and may need to be replaced before they become a liability. By having this information to share, we can more easily get the property committee’s backing on equipment replacements. We know MaintenanceEdge is going to save us money down the road because when you find out you’re spending $1,000 to repair a $5,000 motor every few weeks, it’s just not worth it in the long run. 

I can’t leave out the fact that status checks aren’t a hassle anymore— I just have to log in, and it’s right there in front of me. I’m not scanning through a bunch of emails to try and figure out what is a work order, what is done, what parts were used, etc. MaintenanceEdge makes it easy, there’s no digging involved.

Graph showing WOs per HVAC unit at the Indian Valley Family YMCA

How else has FacilityDude helped you?

A big issue for YMCAs is keeping up with life safety checks to ensure the safety of members and reduce liability exposure. We set up all of our life safety checks as PMs in MaintenanceEdge so we don’t forget any— fire alarms, backflows, sprinklers, everything. The best part is that I can set them up weekly, monthly, or yearly. Whether they’re required or not, it’s a weight lifted off my shoulders because I know we’ll be reminded when we need to get them done. Otherwise, we would never remember all of them! Bringing it all back to tracking, I now have documentation in MaintenanceEdge that things are taken care of should I ever need to prove that. There are just too many things to remember and there is always so much going on, it’s nice to have that peace of mind.

How was implementation?

Implementation was very easy for my branch. I was putting PM’s in the day we got MaintenanceEdge; I was excited and ready to roll.

What are the three main things you would tell someone who doesn’t have FacilityDude yet?

  1. It’s a one stop shop for everything. I mean you literally have everything in one place; you don’t have 50 emails to read through or a stack of jumbled pieces of paper all over your desk. You can just look on your computer screen and it’s all there.

  2. Tracking anything and everything we do in our locations is something we can’t go without now. It’s hard to believe how difficult we were making it before using paper and email. 

  3. The last thing is how easy this is for users. Ease of use is a huge positive because not everyone is great with computers, and you guys made it so everyone can use it.

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