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Kettle Moraine YMCA Improves Member Satisfaction with MaintenanceEdge

By Kate Donnelly
May 08, 2013

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Kettle Moraine YMCA Building The Kettle Moraine YMCA in West Bend, Wisconsin, consists of two branches, 400 employees, and four maintenance technicians. They needed a system to help with communication, easily reporting to the Board of Directors, and they needed to put a preventive maintenance program in place. Kettle Moraine YMCA tells us how MaintenanceEdge helped his association with communication, member satisfaction, preventive maintenance, and running reports with a few easy clicks.

Here is their story:

Before MaintenanceEdge, we had a very antiquated system that was essentially an Excel spreadsheet tied with a general email address. The problems we ran into most were tracking the status of a work order during its life span, and communicating progress with the requestor— and those are some pretty big problems. We were looking for a system that would solve the problems we had and help us get a preventive maintenance program in place. MaintenanceEdge had everything we were looking for, and the implementation was simple. Once I started entering information into the system, it went very quickly. I took my time planning what and how to enter everything that is in our system today. Being specific and organized on my part helped decrease the overall learning curve for the rest of my staff.

The biggest improvement I noticed right away was with the maintenance staff. With FacilityDude, it is so much easier for them to prioritize their days. They don’t have to sift through their work order bank every morning and try to decide for themselves what needs to be done first. We have attached goals with each priority level in MaintenanceEdge. If the work order is medium priority, it needs to be completed within three days, if it is high priority, they have one day, and an emergency work order has to be completed within four hours. Since I assign the work orders out, I can determine if the priority level is accurate with the request. By having goals, nothing is constantly getting pushed to the bottom of the list and eventually forgotten about.

The communication issue we had was a big deal for us. For example, if we had to order parts, needed more information, or were waiting for approval, a work order could sit open for as long as a month and a half. There was no way to tell the requestor what was going on, they weren’t informed on what was happening unless the technician remembered to mention it to them. It was frustrating for both the staff and the maintenance technicians. Now when someone submits a work order, they can go in and check the status of their request any time they would like. I think all staff members appreciate being in the loop as to what is going on around them.

Another major bonus is that member satisfaction has absolutely improved since having MaintenanceEdge. If a member stops at the front desk to voice a concern, they can see that it is being addressed right away, and depending on the priority, it will be fixed within a couple of days. This shows our members that they are being heard and that we care about what they have to say.

The ways we can utilize the data we get from FacilityDude are limitless. YMCA Property Committees and Board of Directors want to know how many new work orders were opened in a month, how many we completed, and the average number of days they were open. The reporting feature is so easy to use and it allows us to give the committee and the board everything they need in one simple, yet detailed report.

MaintenanceEdge enables us to better manage our assets by providing a centralized location to track and document what is going on with each individual piece of equipment. We are up to almost two years of data on our equipment and machines. We will be purchasing new equipment soon and when the time comes to decide whether or not to replace a machine; I can pull every work order associated with it. The information from the system that I provide allows the board to make educated decisions as far as which piece of equipment to replace. We might have a piece of equipment that is 10 years old, and one that is 7 years old, but if the newer piece has had ten times as many work orders as the older one, we might decide to get rid of the newer piece. We will be using this system with our boilers, chillers, and rooftop units in the future. Another big benefit of being able to track and document our work in MaintenanceEdge is reducing liability exposure. Not only are we able to better maintain our equipment to reduce risk but we have documentation if an incident were to occur. MaintenanceEdge helps us keep our members safe and protect the investment we’ve made in our facilities to keep them up to date.

I would tell another Y that is on the fence of purchasing FacilityDude that their Property Committee and their Board of Directors will really appreciate the system and love the data they can pull out of it. The communication features will boost employee morale and make the staff much happier. The system automatically communicates the status of the work orders back to who requested it, so it saves the technician’s time and keeps the requestors happy because they know what is going on. With everything MaintenanceEdge has given us, I’d say it was the right purchase.

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