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Leverage Healthcare Facility Data to Improve Reporting

By Amy Myers
Apr 19, 2013

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Maintaining a healthcare facility involves hundreds or thousands of work orders a year. But after a work order is complete, what happens to it? Is it closed out and forgotten? Or filed away in a filing cabinet just in case you might need to reference it later? Work order data can provide a wealth of information about your department and facility.

What information are you trying to find out when you run reports?

Reporting can be used to help prioritize work and determine if preventive maintenance or compliance items are being addressed in the appropriate timeframe. You may even be running reports to determine where you are with your budget. But reporting and your data can be used to tell you so much more about your facility and its operations.

Let’s say you run a monthly report to see where you are with your budget. Are you under budget? At budget?  Or are you over budget? If you find you are over budget, do you dig deeper to find out why?  Work order data can be used to investigate and determine what is really going on at your facility. Are there certain locations or types of work that are costing more than anticipated? Are these additional costs consistent over time? Your data would tell you that and could then be used to help educate others at your facility about the true cost of maintaining the facility, and help advocate for additional staff, resources or budget, whatever the need may be for the situation. 

Utilizing data this way would enable you to better manage and answer questions about your operations and help you make more informed decisions.

To learn more ways that data can be leveraged to improve your operations and how our clients got more out of their data, click here to download our recent webinar “Leverage Facility Data to Improve Reporting”.



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