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Life is Better in the Cloud

By Kate Donnelly
May 30, 2013

Government, Technology

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Moving is never fun--it can be a hassle to sort through years of “organized clutter” and you’re faced with making big life changes.  You’re comfortable; it’s what you’ve always known. Because of that, maybe you decide to stay somewhere you’ve outgrown, which (admit it) is full of inconveniences and will eventually get the best of you. Would you move if you could painlessly transfer to a safe neighborhood in a house that will grow with you? I’m guessing yes.

A recent article from Information Week Government, Follow Feds to the Cloud, talked about the growing movement for governments to adopt cloud technology. The federal government has been implementing web-based software and many state and local governments are following suit. The cloud used to present some uncertainty with regards to security, but it’s being embraced by governments more and more nowadays.

The first question asked of web-based software providers is often about safety. The answer is: your data is very secure in the cloud. Cloud companies are trying to protect the data of hundreds or thousands of clients and therefore make significant investments in technology and expertise to effectively ensure data security. In fact, the investment in data protection that these companies make is simply out of reach of most institutions, so the cloud can actually be more secure than managing your data yourself.

Using the cloud just makes sense. It ensures all your data is stored in a central place, readily available to you from anywhere, anytime and you can share and report on your information. It gives greater mobility and flexibility to your workforce and an added bonus is that it frees your IT team up from managing yet another server-based software program.

Considering all of the benefits of moving to the cloud, there’s no reason not to make the change today. The power of the cloud is undeniable and helps governments in the areas they need it most. What are you waiting for? Get your move on!

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