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Local Government vs Sequestration: A Good Defense is the Best Offense

By Kate Donnelly
Apr 02, 2013

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No matter where you go nowadays, you can expect to hear something about the sequestration. All the talking and opinion sharing will go on for months, this we know, so don’t expect a break anytime soon. While everyone is busy chatting away, you can get ready for the potential impact to your local government. An interview with Paul Christman on govpro.com made me understand how important it is to be preparing.

The belt on local government budgets is already tight. Well, it’s time to suck in and tighten down another notch. While local governments will not be directly touched by the sequestration, federal governments will be, so it’s inevitable that the local level will feel some effects.

Paul Christman talks about how important it will be to become transparent and efficient: “Tools like application performance monitoring that provide a view into how systems are running will be key to accomplishing agency missions within budget constraints. Ultimately, this will lead to a lower total cost of ownership. Sequestration will create a push towards the adoption of efficiency optimizing services and software.”

Now, more than ever, it is important for local governments to be running at a maximum efficiency level. The good news? Software tools are available to help you do just that! Having a system to help your department streamline communication, organize the daily work load, and effectively perform jobs, will ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency. MaintenanceEdge is one such solution that can make a major impact to improve your maintenance department’s effectiveness.

Christman goes on to mention moving data to “cloud environments” is key for governments. Having your data organized and stored in a central location helps ensure you and others in your organization are always in sync about work. It certainly beats shuffling through old papers and hoping to find what you need!

You may have looked into a software solution before and put it off. Maybe you thought it was excessive or unnecessary—but you can’t afford not to have one. My advice to you is this: make the change now, and move to the cloud.

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