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Local Governments Can Speed Disaster Recovery with Cloud Technology

By Emma Finch
Jul 30, 2012

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Destructive wildfires in Colorado. Devastating storms in Maryland. Major floods in Minnesota. The U.S. has had a number of emergencies to cope with this summer.

Lightning Striking Through a Dark Sky What happens if disaster strikes in your region? How will your employees begin the process of helping your community recover after an emergency?

As our reliance on technology has increased, there’s little tolerance for a disruption in communication and information availability. In the wake of an emergency, it’s critical for local government employees to be able to communicate and access the information they need to deal with the situation. One way to contribute to a successful recovery is to have your local government’s software resources in the cloud. In the event of a catastrophe, your information is not lost or damaged, and as long as you have internet, you can access your data.

That’s why FacilityDude is a smart choice. We’re web-based so after a disaster your information is ready and waiting for you in our system—safely backed up outside your region. This frees you up to focus on repairing damages and restoring your community, not worrying about what data you’ve lost.

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