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Make maintenance management your top priority

By FacilityDude
Jan 29, 2014

Facilities Management

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Make maintenance management your top priority A somewhat common misconception that seems to be floating around is that maintenance departments unnecessarily suck up facilities' financial resources. This could not be farther off the mark from reality, and misled managers should reevaluate their inaccurate view of maintenance, rearranging their priorities to place it at the top of their lists.

The source reports that maintenance departments are typically among the first areas of operations to be subject to budget cuts. This is not a smart move for facilities, and managers should advocate against this move. By doing just the opposite, investing more money into revamping maintenance management operations, facilities may actually find that they can eventually reduce their overall expenditure.

A new take on maintenance

Facilities managers should allocate a portion of their budgets for the purchase and implementation of a computerized maintenance management software. Once facilities start to utilize advanced automated management systems, they will be able to rework their maintenance operations completely, yielding increased efficiency. With the implementation of this technology, facilities will become more productive and cost-effective, paying for the software and then some.

How exactly do these computerized maintenance management systems allow facilities to direct a minimum input of resources, and yet still yield a maximum production output? It all boils down to keeping managers informed about the functionality of their facilities, allowing them to pinpoint and address any problem areas. CMMS stores vital data in a consolidated location, which lets managers easily monitor various aspects of operations.

The key to optimizing machinery and labor

Automated maintenance programs track and evaluate facilities equipment's potential and actual performance from three key perspectives: availability, utilization and quality. By continuously keeping tabs on all of these components, managers will be able to detect areas of their operations that are not up to par. Equipped with this insight, maintenance departments can then make necessary equipment repairs and replacements, which will kick production into high gear and improve resource optimization.

In addition to assuring that equipment is in good condition and performing properly, a CMMS like that offered by FacilityDude can effectively manage all maintenance operations. With standardized applications, our programs can complete a variety of functions, including automatically distributing work orders and compiling repair and replacement records. Not only will these systems improve equipment production, but they will also increase labor performance and efficiency. It is with the help of CMMS that managers will have access to real-time, accurate snapshots of their facilities workings - from machinery to personnel. This will ultimately let them make educated maintenance decisions that can cut costs resulting from unnecessary operations downtime and wasteful resource expenditure.

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