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How a new Legionella standard may affect water maintenance management

By FacilityDude
Dec 01, 2014

Healthcare, Facilities Management

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The outbreaks of legionnaire's disease from a few months past highlighted the importance of proper building maintenance as part of disease and contagion control and prevention. 

Despite the severity of the disease, it provides an ironically topical backdrop for the rollout of a new ASHRAE standard aimed at preventing the spread of the Legionella bacteria responsible for legionnaire's disease.

How a new Legionella standard may affect water maintenance management The Standard, which has been under review and gone through several drafts over a period of roughly nine years according to FacilitiesNet, specifically targets water management operations as a means of preventing the spread of disease. If passed, the standard will require any facility with an eligible water system - ranging from any number of fixtures from decorative features down to fountains and plumbing - to enact a water control program. One feature of this program is a written document providing essential information on the disease, including how it spreads.

According to the source, while the standard outlines guidelines for what a water management program should touch on, the specifics of implementation are being left up to each individual facility manager.


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