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Onslow County Improves Efficiency with MaintenanceEdge

By Emma Finch
Apr 26, 2012

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Onslow County, North Carolina, is home to almost 180,000 people and the county has responsibility for managing 68 public buildings. Recently, Holly Worrell talked with us about their switch to using FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge to manage their maintenance and some of the benefits they’ve seen.

Why did you choose FacilityDude?

Web-based, plus unlimited training and support. With our previous maintenance software program we received very little training and variable support. With FacilityDude, we were assured of continual training opportunities in our region and reliable support, which ultimately sold us.

What business challenges were you facing?

Having limited resources and personnel. As a local government entity, we are always mindful of accountability to our citizens. Additionally, we are a relatively small department challenged with providing maintenance support to 30+ departments located within multiple facilities throughout the county.

How did FacilityDude help you solve these business challenges?

A substantial portion of my work day was spent fielding phone calls. With the previous program, we were fiscally limited on our number of users. FacilityDude’s unlimited user feature gave each department the ability to set up their own system of users capable of inputting and monitoring work orders.

For our technicians, FacilityDude is very user-friendly. There is no technology intimidation factor for them. They find it easy to navigate and input information. With the mobile application, they are able to receive new requests, update or complete work orders all while in the field.

How was the implementation process?

Trouble-free! There were no big challenges switching systems. FD helped transfer all our data from the old system and walked us through setting everything up. It was easy creating the initial users and required only minimal training.

How has FacilityDude impacted your work life?

Time management. FacilityDude has given me the ability to maintain more effective records. It provides numerous reports within minutes. I appreciate the convenience of obtaining detailed reports with just a few clicks as opposed to rummaging through file cabinets.

What else has FacilityDude helped you achieve?

Efficiency. With so many departments, it can become daunting to keep up. FacilityDude keeps track of everything and can supply reports that show we are providing a high level of service.

How has FacilityDude helped you save time or resources?

As with most, providing a service with minimal cost is top priority. With the implementation of FacilityDude, our noted savings are:

  • Departments enter their own work orders, reducing misinformation
  • Technicians receive information via mobile, reducing or eliminating multiple trips back to the office, saving both time and money
  • Scheduling and automating planned maintenance work orders saves time
  • Keeping track of building and equipment costs, giving notice of potential problems

What three things would you tell someone about FacilityDude?

1. Awesome customer support!
2. User-friendly
3. Web-based

If you'd like a .pdf version of the case study, please download the document below.


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