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Perform a security audit

By FacilityDude
May 14, 2014

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Safety and security are among building managers' top priorities. The Department of Homeland Security seems to understand as much, having recently partnered with worldwide security organization ASIS International to determine the ways in which technology may be better used for infrastructure security and risk mitigation across the country, according to FMLink. As a facility manager, you may just want to take a cue from the department and implement your own security assessment.

Preparing for anything

Perform a security audit ASIS is an organization dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of security professionals. With the DHS, ASIS will assess security issues for the department, and try to better them where possible through the use of technology. The operation, which will be implemented over the next few months is perhaps not so different than the kind that facility managers should undertake.

The dangers may vary depending on the facility involved. Break-ins and robberies are typical, though the kind of criminal activity may vary whether it's a commercial facility, or one that houses classified information. Additionally, schools and other public facilities may have to prepare for active shooter or potential terrorist scenarios. As such, it's important sure your building is adequately prepared either to deter disaster or to mitigate the consequences.

Assessing risk

To ensure the safety of your facility, you'll want to perform some form of risk assessment or security audit. A computerized maintenance management system can be useful in developing a checklist and following through with it. You'll want to inspect your security systems, including alarms and cameras, as well as your current employment of guards. It's also essential that you review alert systems and evacuation plans for occupants. If you need assistance in determining the safety of your facility, consult your local police department to assist in the audit.

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