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Preventive maintenance made easy with CMMS data

By FacilityDude
Nov 27, 2013

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Don't let healthcare facility maintenance flat line Preventive maintenance is one of the most cost saving tactics that a facility manager can use. Let's face it, making minor tweaks to equipment here and there is far friendlier on a facility's budget than neglecting systems until they break past the point of no return, which requires replacements. However, this kind of maintenance is not carried out magically on its own. Managers have to be vigilant when it comes to inspecting their buildings and equipment, as well as dedicated to following up with necessary repairs. While this may seem like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be! There are a number of ways for managers to perform and manage facility checks, making preventative maintenance a pretty painless process.

Knowing what to look for is critical to preventative maintenance

According to Business 2 Community, maintenance departments need to ask themselves a few key questions to ensure that their inspections are thorough. Maintenance staff members should have a deep understanding of their facilities' various systems. With a working knowledge of everything within their buildings, maintenance personnel are able to examine a piece of equipment with specific considerations in mind. These staff members need to evaluate equipment, knowing how each component of a system could potentially fail and why, in addition to how often this may occur and what the consequences could be. By becoming familiar with the nature and general behavior of a facility's systems, maintenance workers will be able to instantly identify problem areas, fixing them before any significant damage is done.

Getting to know your equipment with CMMS maintenance records

Some managers may be wondering how maintenance departments are supposed to know all of that information. Business 2 Community explains that they need to reference the systems' maintenance history, trying to determine any patterns in terms of wear and tear that pieces of equipment have demonstrated in the past. This is where things can become a bit tricky for some facilities. To be able to consult maintenance records, facilities' managers must keep track of every piece of inspection and work order documentation that reveals every task that has been completed on these systems.

For managers still relying on paper, this could prove to be impossible. For those that have intelligently purchased a computerized maintenance management system, on the other hand, all of this data is automatically stored in a single place, according to Reliable Planet. Every time a work order is processed or an equipment check-up is completed, a facility's CMMS will instantly update its records, allowing personnel to have access to real-time information and making preventative maintenance hassle-free.

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