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Proper training improves facilities’ CMMS capabilities

By FacilityDude
Oct 30, 2013

Facilities Management, Technology

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When it comes to coordinating and monitoring maintenance operations, many facilities have already recognized the benefits of using a computerized maintenance management system. While this technology offers a highly effective and minimally frustrating solution for managers to employ as they organize their maintenance tasks, staff members can unknowingly set up obstacles for them to encounter well down the road if they do not use CMMS properly. ReliablePlant explains that there are some easily preventable challenges that may stem from long-term misuse of these systems. By taking the time to educate themselves about their CMMS functions, facilities can implement their maintenance management systems properly and ensure that future workings will be smooth.

Cutting CMMS training will only reduce efficiency

One of the leading causes of incorrect management programs employment is inadequate training for managers and technicians. Some facilities try to cut costs by decreasing or completely eliminating necessary CMMS training for those using these services, according to FacilitiesNet. While computerized maintenance management programs are typically fairly user-friendly and easy to navigate, they still require some basic training so that staff members are at least familiar with their functions and capabilities.

Managers may believe that they're paring down their budgets by limiting CMMS training expenses, but they would be wrong. Cutting corners would only reduce initial costs, as the long-term effects may be far more expensive for facilities. Users trying to implement an automated management system that is practically unknown to them can't do so in an efficient or effective manner. This will ultimately cancel out the possible advantages offered by CMMS, and facilities will see no real improvement in their maintenance management or resource use.

Training and support will give facilities biggest bang for their buck

Facilities managers should provide CMMS training to all of those who will access the program. Personnel involved in any aspect of facilities maintenance operations, including supervisors and independent contractors, should receive sufficient training so that they can utilize management system functions correctly. To ensure that a CMMS is used to its full potential, managers and associated staff members should be instructed on how to employ all of the system's existing processes, keeping their facilities interface and maintenance needs in mind.

Selecting an easy-to-use and comprehensive CMMS, like FacilityDude, is key in improving maintenance, and this is half the battle in optimizing facilities resource distribution and operations. When shopping for a CMMS, make sure that the training and support will meet your needs. The Dude provides award-winning, unlimited training and support. We want to make sure your organization has long-term success with our tools— we’ll do everything we can to help you accomplish your goals. With necessary staff members properly educated about a system, they may be more likely to take advantage of all available services, which would boost maintenance operations efficiency in terms of financial expenses and resource expenditure.

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