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Providence VA Medical Center improves planned maintenance program and reporting with MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
Jan 16, 2013

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Nationally and internationally recognized Providence VA Medical Center in Rhode Island integrated FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge into their operations. Allen Somers, Supervisor of Maintenance & Operations for Providence VA, shares his experience implementing MaintenanceEdge, how it impacted his facility’s operations, and why The Joint Commission called it a “best practice” during a recent visit.

Why did you choose FacilityDude?

FacilityDude’s Planned Maintenance module is affordable and user-friendly. Having a web-based system along with the wonderful customer service means it is easier for us to manage. You guys take great care of us.

What business challenges were you facing?

We were lacking an effective Planned Maintenance (PM) program and reporting. Our previous program did not provide the level of detail needed for articulating what items were to be reviewed and addressed for each piece of equipment. Our reports would state that equipment had been PM’d, but lacked specific information about action taken. We knew our planned maintenance was not as thorough as it needed to be to meet the Environment of Care (EOC) requirements or to result in long-term gains and extended equipment life.

How did FacilityDude help you solve these business challenges?

FacilityDude has helped us set the new baseline for proper planned maintenance. Work orders contain specific tasks for each piece of equipment and the staff is armed with these standards during the process. We feel confident PM is now optimal to gain the maximum life out of our equipment. Additionally, we now have an accurate inventory and maintenance record for all our equipment, which is very helpful during regulatory reviews.

How was the implementation process?

We have been incrementally implementing the system since we have limited staff resources. We opted to have on-site training, which was very comforting and reassuring to guide us through the transition. The system has been easy to learn and the staff has found it to be very user friendly.

How has FacilityDude helped you save time/resources?

Right away we noticed an improvement in operations and staff scheduling. Being able to run reports showing open or in-progress work orders enabled us to more effectively allocate staff and resources. Our day-to-day operations are a lot smoother now.

How does FacilityDude adapt to meet your needs?

When we did some facade work on our building, it created tons of dust. So we needed to change air filters very frequently. With Planned Maintenance, we could go into that PM schedule, and in less than a minute change the frequency from monthly to weekly. It was quick and simple and then we were able to move on to the next item on the “to do” list. Having it is an absolute necessity.

How do you utilize FacilityDude alongside VistA?

VistA is the system offered by the VA for work orders and inventory. We use VistA for work orders and utilize FacilityDude’s Planned Maintenance for PM and equipment related work orders.

How has FacilityDude impacted your work life?

Having quick access to reports and documentation is essential. We used to spend hours sifting through paperwork and gathering information, now we can pull reports with everything we need in minutes. With FacilityDude we are saving so much time and we always feel prepared.

What reports do you run?

The PM completion report is the most important report for the EOC committee. We are able to report monthly that we met our 95% PM completion goal or have reasons why we missed by a percent or two. We run a report on all the open PM a week to 10 days before the end of the month. Our maintenance supervisor then tracks down the outstanding PM’s and makes sure staff knows they need to be completed by the end of the month. Finally the PM history for AHU’s has come in very handy when there are complaints about stale air or odors. The first question asked is, “When were the filters changed last?” and the history report gives us the answer.

What else has FacilityDude helped you achieve?

FacilityDude enhanced our resource management and future planning. We now know how much time to allocate for preventive maintenance work. In some cases, we are outsourcing certain PM’s and repairs because we do not have enough staff. For example, we only have two HVAC mechanics. All that work can be reported on in a variety of ways, so when the time comes to add staff, we will have the data to justify the request.

Has The Joint Commission visited since you purchased Planned Maintenance?

The Joint Commission was here recently. We were very confident that any question they asked about our facilities equipment would be available and that was exactly how it worked. In fact, The Joint Commission in their exiting interview with the hospital called our MaintenanceEdge system “a best practice” from their experience.

What three things would you tell someone about FacilityDude?

1. I sleep well at night with one less thing to worry about. Our PM system is taking care of the hospital’s facility equipment.
2. The customer service is excellent. They are available, dependable and always happy to assist.
3. It’s easy! The system is intuitive and so easy to learn.

If you'd like a .pdf version of the case study, please download the document below.


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