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Republic County Hospital improves tracking, documentation and communication with MaintenanceEdge

By Wendy Mallon
May 18, 2015

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Republic county hospital Since utilizing MaintenanceEdge, Republic County Hospital in Belleville, Kansas, has improved tracking, documentation and communication. After leaving behind a paper system they found improved visibility into department activities, a greater awareness of where budget is spent and a much improved preventive maintenance process. Most of all, they love the flexibility.

Here is their story: 

Prior to using FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge, we had a paper system. After work was complete, the handwritten requests were kept in manila envelopes for that month. We lacked any real tracking or reporting capabilities. Preventive maintenance was handled by an Access database that was created in-house, however we could not add to it.

We chose MaintenanceEdge primarily for its tracking capabilities, since we needed tracking for equipment. We were able to get Work Order™ set up fairly quickly by working with Client Services. Once we were comfortable in Work Order, we implemented Planned Maintenance™. We really like how work orders generate directly from Planned Maintenance. We set up PM schedules and now PM is easier to do.

MaintenanceEdge allows us to redistribute our time and focus on what we need to be doing and gives us more control over time and materials. It provides an overview of the department and helps us prioritize our day better. It also allows us to track and manage our PM work and incorporate it into our reactive work requests.

In addition to tracking all our work orders, we are also tracking time, materials and projects in the system. We’ve done several projects in the past and the paper trail was enormous. Not a binder of paper but filing cabinets! Tracking projects in MaintenanceEdge is very helpful. If you put labor hours on work orders, then the system totals it up for you. Reports could show if we were on budget, over budget and we could make decisions midproject.

The system also helps with scheduling work that is part of a project. We could schedule or estimate start times for work orders connected to a project and people could see when they are needed via their dashboard so they could better plan their workload. We no longer needed a calendar to plan and schedule staff needs and project timing, MaintenanceEdge handles it.

To better understand where time is spent, we came up with a way to capture as close to 100% of our work day as possible. Each month we create an “open extended work order” for every technician. Technicians use this work order to capture time not covered by a work order, such as filing or admin work. They log their hours and make a journal note every day summarizing what they did. This work order is closed at the end of the month so we can report on department activities. Once we started using this process, we discovered we were spending our time doing 30% corrective work, 40% PM and 30% miscellaneous. It gives us a clearer picture of the true work of the department and where time is spent.

The system has helped improve communication with requesters since they have the ability to see their work order requests and requests in their area. Now instead of wondering why something isn’t fixed, they can look it up and see the status, such as parts are on order or waiting on a contractor or monitoring it to make sure it’s working properly. It’s a simple communication tool that is helping dispel the thought that work orders “disappear” since there is visibility into what we are doing.

MaintenanceEdge has helped us better manage our assets and take better care of our buildings. It gives us a clearer view of our responsibilities and where time and money is spent so we now know where our budget should be focused. We are also more cognizant of what we do and what is happening on a daily basis. With MaintenanceEdge, we haven’t found anything in the system we can’t use in one way or another. It’s just a matter of understanding what you want to achieve so you get the most out of the system.


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