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Retrofitting Government Buildings to Save Money and Energy

By Emma Finch
May 17, 2012

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Large glass building in the clouds Retrofits are the most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of old structures. A rising number of older buildings are acquiring smart technologies to increase efficiencies. Studies show efficiency gains can be anywhere from 10% to more than 50%. Retrofitting can even increase in worker productivity by creating a more comfortable environment.

All that is great, but how will facility managers measure the impact of retrofits? Here’s where we come in: UtilityTrac Plus can track and verify the success of efforts such as retrofits. Reports and graphs document the point of implementation, so it’s easy to understand what the effect of conservation projects is. By measuring impact and understanding the outcomes, facility managers can prove the success of projects their department has done and justify doing more in the future.

What else can be done to older buildings to improve efficiency? Installing smart technologies is where a building is integrated with technology and energy systems so owners can identify inefficiencies and fix them immediately. Smart building manufacturer and business partner Johnson Controls sees a future where building owners and occupants will be able to benchmark and analyze usage data to increase efficiencies and become more proactive in building management. Johnson Controls believes tools such as FacilityDude will help facility managers take a step closer to that future. Together, we can offer a unique set of cost-effective solutions that empower facility managers with information regarding their utility use and spend. This lets them identify energy savings opportunities, achieve optimal building performance and yield sustainable results.

For more information on retrofits, check out this article by Government Technology.

To learn more about Johnson Controls: http://www.johnsoncontrols.com/content/us/en.html

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